How to Discover Your Future Soul Mate

Generally speaking, there are two types of men in terms of maturity; those that are wearing their baseball caps on backwards, sitting on the sofa with their buddies playing video games well into their 20’s and 30’s, the other type are the “good guys,” the ones that realize that life is not one long extended Fraternity party, and it’s time to grow up.

Three friends playing video games while drinking beer.

The immature types think that life is a giant blur of beer, betting, hangin’ with the boys and sex with as many girls as possible. The good news is, that the vast majority of American men are not like those immature “bums.” The facts prove that 90 % of men have been married by the age of 40.


Men vary in levels of maturity and although some are ready for fidelity in their 20’s, many are still looking for the Sophia Vergara look-a-like well into their 40’s or 50’s. Coinciding with his orgasm, a simultaneous giant hook comes down from above and removes him from her bed, his romantic feelings for her, and her life, all in one fell swoop. She is devastated, and he is now looking for the latest Kate Upton facsimile.

For the grown-ups ready to become a family man, if you asked why he married and what he admires most about his wife he would probable reply; her values, her intelligence, her sense of humor, her potential as a great mother and simply that she makes him feel good about himself and is loved very much.


There are some anxious women who feel they have found the right guy but they “scare” them away by being too fast too soon with uncomfortable questions; “Where do you see us in 5 years, and how many kids do you want to have together?” As Rita Rudner, the great comedienne once observed, if you were in the room and heard the girlfriend ask him these “what if?” questions, when you looked down you could still see his skid marks.

Biologically speaking, men usually tend to want more sexual partners than woman, who prefer thinking about marriage and family as a goal. So men have a natural hesitancy about monogamy, at least at the onset of a potential relationship. Ladies, use your better judgment not to ask him those types of questions until well into a serious relationship.

There is a very thin line between “having a man run after her until she catches him,” versus acting too aloof whereby he loses confidence and starts to look elsewhere to be more appreciated.


Some women have always been man magnets and always hung out with the guys. Guys were drawn to them and the reason is that guys felt little or no stress with them around, just as if the girls were a couple of other male friends. So when a women asks me what the guy magnet secret is and how can she get to be surrounded by men, the answer is quite obvious. Just go where the boys are; Go to sporting events, watch the games on large screen TV’s in a sports bar full of male fans, learn to shoot pool, checkout the basketball courts in your local park, try rollerblading for great exercise, join a gym and ask cute guys for some pointers, create a girls night out where you and your girl friends go to a good steak joint to mix it up with the boys night out crowd. I can’t guarantee you’ll find your Soul Mate quickly, but you’ll have a lot of fun trying to find “him.”

Get out there, mix with the right people in the right groups and you’ll add to your odd of finding and keeping your Soul Mate. Tell me your story and send some additional comments about this and other blogs of mine.

I love to write and LOVE to write for you.




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