Women are Getting Screwed, So Where’s the OUTRAGE? Part II

Dr. Peggy Drexler; Author, research psychologist and gender scholar, recently published an article in The Huffington Post which originally appeared on Forbes.com titled.
Equal Pay for Equal Work a No-Brainer, Right?
Last Wednesday Senate Republicans blocked, for the 3rd time, The Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill proposing to close the pay gap between men and women. Democrats argue that wage disparities persist, pulling out the oft-cited figure that women, on average, earn 77 percent to a mans dollar. Paycheck Fairness, they say, would make it impossible for employers to tie compensation to work quality, productivity and experience. Lawsuits would increase. And they even point out that women in the White House only get 88 cents to male counterparts, I don’t know why either, I’ve checked everything written about it, but no one has reported why there “might be” a pay disparity in the White House, as yet. (Please let me know if you find out if it’s true, or why it is?)
One of the main reasons WHY more and more women are staying home and not even looking for work any longer is that they can’t find decent work, especially jobs that pay enough to cover the costs for the necessary childcare.
Some Republicans concede (although privately and off the record), that they believe in Paycheck Fairness. So what’s the problem you might ask? The answer is politics. Unfortunately, nothing will happen until Democrats and Republicans agree to make equal pay a fairness issue rather than a political one. In the meantime it’s women that suffer.
One of my favorite expressions is “Follow the Money.” It’s a simple statement but incredibly broad based. Politicians want to be re-elected, so they never bite the hand that feeds that effort. The top 2% are the Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires who own most of corporate America and they fund, (some say own), the politicians who do their bidding. Paying women what they deserve will cost their businesses lots of money. So, even though I feel most of the elected officials know its wrong to discriminate, they vote THEIR own re-election pocketbook and continue to deny women their equal rights. It’s really an easy problem to fix. THROW THE BUMS OUT, but how do we do it? Here are my suggestions how to get it done.
First, let’s list the facts, or very strong assumptions:
1) The recent Supreme court decision says that anybody, including the wealthiest people, can spend an unlimited amount of money for political contributions. The 5 ultra conservative justices called it utilizing FREE speech, (unfortunately, it also includes money coming in from Billionaire business owners from around the World, some with anti-American intentions, who spend enormous amounts of money for advertising to overwhelm the opposition and electorate with their lies and scare tactics.)
2) They will stuff the pockets of the elected officials to buy their votes. I know it’s illegal, but let’s not be naïve, we all know it happens. Since Harry Truman, almost every President, Senator, and long term House of Representative member has retired from office much wealthier than when they first got elected.
3) By bombarding the voters with well produced ads for their candidates, many voters will either say “they couldn’t legally say what they advertised if it wasn’t true, or O.K. I give up, I’ll just go along to get along, at least I can be on the winning side.”
4) “Stop driving me crazy with all these ads. I’m fed up with politics. I’m not even going to bother to vote. One vote doesn’t matter. I never saw anybody lose by just one vote.”
So the answers to overcome them are:
1) Since woman are the majority, every female has to plan to vote in order to accomplish change.
2) In the tradition of honest reporting, I must mention the fairly recent situation in Egypt. After the overthrow of long time dictator Musharraf, the 80 million Egyptians felt the overwhelming fresh air of freedom and proceeded with a free, unfettered, legitimate, election. Several groups were vying for control, including the Muslim Brotherhood, which common knowledge dictated that since they only had 18% of the electorate, they were no threat to win. Be careful what you wish for! It seems that a person, or a group of journalists miscalculated the strength of the Brotherhood (ah, the dreaded transposing of numbers) and so, to the dismay of most of the World, the Muslims won control. The new government quickly reverted to the Koran rather than the Egyptian Constitution, back to jihad rather than peace with the neighbors, back to Sharia law and it’s frequent public beheadings for little or no reason, other than a perceived blasphemous act. Almost a year to the date of their democratically decided voting victory, the powerful military leaders threw the Brotherhood out. Now multiple factions are fighting with each other trying to figure how democracy works for their next election (especially for their group.)
3) So if we stick together and throw the bums out who refuse to give us our equal rights, we certainly don’t want to wake up with the American version of the Muslim Brotherhood in charge. Obviously I’m just being facetious, but you get the idea. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.
4) It has to be harder to accomplish by voting the bums out, without first finding and vetting their hopefully improved upon replacements.
5) Here is a good idea to put pressure on the Billionaire manipulators who have and will continue to spend even more of their enormous wealth to buy their candidates and the election. Squeeze them. Seriously, squeeze them HARD! Boycott the Bastards!! For example, the Koch Brothers, who possibly will use 1 Billion of their 80 plus Billion nest egg in the next two national elections, control over 60 consumer goods companies. Print a wallet sized list of their brands like Vanity fair and Brawny, keep it handy when shopping, and refuse to buy their products. Spread the word to everyone you know to never to buy their stuff again. They also have lots of major coal, oil and gas investments. Again, put them on your list and boycott them too. Squeeze the bums out of politics. Make them feel it in the pocketbook.
    mcclendon_cover final
And while you are at it, go after the biggest one of all. Sheldon Adelson, who owns the huge Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, plus many others in Macao (southeast Asia), would hate it if you boycotted and picketed the Venetian in Vegas. Imagine Shelly looking out from an enormous Penthouse window adorned with his flaming orange hair and zooming around in his souped up scooter, watching protestors and picketers blocking his entrances. Removing his hundreds of millions out of elections would bring us back to having a much fairer vote. Nobody really cares as much as Adelson to stop Online Gambling, Shelly’s pet peeve, (and major competition), so much so that future presidential candidates recently ran to Vegas (imagine Chris Christie in a track outfit running a race, WOOF!), to kiss Adelsons ring and get his endorsement and financial backing. They are prostrating themselves before the king maker promising him in unison to destroy the online gambling industry in order to help the bottom line of his beloved casino, the Venetian, enjoying a better return on his political investment. How obvious is all of this comical crap, yet it is a disturbingly blatant violation of our freedom.  But women’s inequality  IS a DEADLY serious matter. We cannot allow a few billionaires to destroy our freedoms and our country.
For all of us that believe in freedom and free elections we must get out there and talk it up, form groups, have meetings and make sure everyone who can vote, does so in November. We need to take back Congress and take back America from the big money interests. WE have control of the votes, let’s use them. It’s only for one day, (unless you can register and vote earlier).You lose your right to complain later if you don’t vote and get others to also do so. It’s not only congressional issues and Washington representatives we are dealing with. It’s much more. In order to replace the ultra-conservative votes on the unfair Supreme Court, we must be diligent and vote in each and every election, including local elections. There is nothing like having a majority to win. Ladies you’ve got it, now use it well. This was a long Blog, but I felt it was needed to educate those of you that didn’t realize what women don’t yet have, and need to be protected with Constitutional Guarantees. We need all three branches of government to get it done, and overcome the many other OUTRAGES we are living with.
Justice must be for ALL. Let me know your thoughts and feelings. I am looking forward to an open forum where we share points of view and suggestions to achieve the fairness goals.
Thank you,
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