Finally…Our Journey to the New Website

It all felt like such a simple plan last August. I was beginning the process of updating  the book I wrote and published in 2007 called “Hating Dating,” to be current and re-release it as an E-Book. It seemed like such a good idea and an easily achievable goal. E-Books have taken over first place from conventional book buying, and at a much lower price. I hired Lisa to be my assistant, she’s a wonderful person, very knowledgeable about writing, computers and the complexities of Social Media. We dove into the process, four straight hours every weekday since. Our original goal was to get it done in about 7 to 8 weeks. Now, if you’re not counting, it is a couple of weeks short of 7 months.

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Where did the time go? I told Lisa about my initial frustrating experience in 2007 with my original Publisher, Mill City Press. I had little or no knowledge of the technical language needed to communicate properly with them. After lots of research, Mill City Press is still the best company to deal with for “self-published” authors. Lisa spoke with many of their new people, and became comfortable with the way they have grown and improved their systems, so we decided to try them again. Although they clearly notified us of all the time frames required for each of the many steps, I personally felt frustrated that it wasn’t progressing faster. They had told us they were shooting for early 2014 for completion, I was thinking, obviously incorrectly, that we were their only account. For every step, and believe me there were many, we had to wait in line behind their many other authors.

The positive part of the waiting equation was that it gave Lisa more time to give me a crash course in Social Media. I have learned to be much better at blogging (Word Press, Blogger and Saching), have been tweeting away daily so far enticing 900 followers, networking with over 500 other business professionals on LinkedIn, developed many Facebook friends and followers, and use Pinterest, which is both a photographic and literal site plus it’s lots of fun. My own personal e-mail list of friends get every Blog together with my request for their objective feedback.

hating dating COVERHDCoverframed

The major reason I mention the highlights of my Social Media education, is that when the book first came out, I had hired a new, young, hip, advertising agency that sold me on their method of promoting and selling books.  I was wrong not to ask to see samples of their work. Actually, I shouldn’t be so totally negative, they did have some good ideas. My original book was called “Hating Dating” and was yellow and red. Using those colors was an inside joke between me and my brother, since we grew up in the photofinishing business and were legally not permitted to use the Kodak colors (yellow and red) in our own advertising. My hip, new, advertising agency said the cover was too masculine and the title was too negative. Many more women write books on dating, and most of those books are primarily read by other women. Both right on! So we changed everything graphic; the colors, the typeface, the back cover; the internal (more feminine typeface), the high heels and men’s tuxedo fronts printed on every other chapter title. Lots of bucks later, I was proud to say that every single person that purchased the new book LOVED it………..All three of them.

I never reached them the first time the book was promoted, yet I still meet many single folks of all ages, from high school to senior citizens, who are sad, frustrated, and don’t have any idea of what to do to make single dating more fun and successful. Success being defined in terms of finding AND keeping the right mate. So here we go again.The Social Media, (the advertising part) has been Free, if you don’t count our time spent working at it. The updated e-book will sell for $4.95 and still be chock full of helpful advice for people who are single. I’m very sure they will laugh and learn while reading my new e-book, “101 Ways to Stop Hating Dating. A lighthearted look at how to enjoy being single while learning how to find and KEEP their Soul Mate.”

The promotional bullets say:

* Best book ever written on dating

* Guaranteed to make you laugh

* World’s best pick up lines

* How to get inside his head

* How to read her body language

* Funniest “Dates from Hell”

This one I just thought of, it will also be used:

Pumpkin Spice Latte

* Find and keep your Soul Mate for less than a Starbucks Latte.

If I must say so myself, after writing over 60 Blogs, I believe my writing has improved quite a bit. Before, when I thought about working on updating the old book, I was pretty satisfied with the way it was written. Now, because of my additional writing experience, I see things that can, should be, and HAVE BEEN improved upon.

I’m also thinking about doing a series of You Tube videos that have the potential of being a smash hit, and go viral to millions of eyeballs.  I guess I’m putting lots of pressure on myself by admitting that doing funny stuff, and making many people laugh has always been my fantasy. Well, it’s time to try it now, even though this dream has been evolving for 50 plus years.

Also along my journey was the dream that so many have of “writing the book I have inside of me.” Over the years, it is a statement that I have heard so many times, from so many people. Although I’m a little to old now to think about embarking on a career of doing stand-up comedy, I still have maintained the fortitude to satisfy my long time goal of writing a self-help book. You can do it too! You don’t have to listen to me, listen to Woody Allen, he being one of the most successful writers of all time with more than 40 screenplays turned into movies. Woody says to just take a yellow pad and write down ideas on many different pages. No editing at the writing stage. Just get it down on paper then shuffle the sheets of paper to put the book into proper sequence and you’re on your way. Editing many times will follow, but once the ideas are written down and placed in proper sequence, you can see the finish line.

The above story reminds me of when I tell some people a joke or two, I get an immediate review, “It’s wasn’t as funny as your other jokes,” “I liked the first one better,” etc. But then it hits me, these self-appointed critics have never told a joke in their lives, at least I tried. I faced skepticism initially when I told some people (obviously an error in judgment), that I was going to write a self-help book about dating. So after my initial setback writing the book, and making marketing errors, I just had to try again to make it work this time. I feel “101 Ways to Stop Hating Dating” has a whole lot to offer and I know I’ll keep trying to spread the word. The Moral of this little story is, don’t let your critics and detractors stop you from trying to achieve your goal. Make your dreams a reality. Believe me, it is so incredibly uplifting when you start to write and realize you’re on your way to fulfilling that dream you’ve had for a long time.

Most people don’t know this about me, but I was a terrific Boy Scout. During my formative years I learned a lot about how important it is to try to help people. During my decade of being unattached, I decided to write a book which I knew would HELP other single people learn what I had discovered. In fact, I also promised myself that after I break even on this self-help book experience, I will donate most of my profits to worthwhile causes that help needy people.

I enjoyed bringing you up to date and will continue to do so in the future.

If you or anyone you know has had any experience writing and getting published, let me know about it and give me permission to share it in a subsequent Blog.

In closing, I’m so proud to announce the introduction of my new website, which will be continually updated to bring you my latest blogs and information of future works in progress. The website will be our new home on the web to share my thoughts, advice, observations, and laughs with you. So please visit us at




You can also follow me at:    or


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