Why He Notices Other Women On Your Date.

I am a man, but I’m the first to admit that my gender does dumb or insensitive things, especially when they go out on a date. Women want the guys full attention. She took many hours to get ready; selecting the proper outfit that shows some leg and cleavage, but not too much, Sexy, but not too obvious. Then arranging and sitting through having her hair, nails, toes, and perhaps other areas professionally groomed.


The least the ungrateful lout should do, is give her his complete undivided attention. But what if it’s out of his control, and the only way he can stop glancing side to side at other women would be to wear a neck brace?

The fact is that men DO look at other people, other women and other attractive women, obviously not in that order. The big problem is how long he leers. Looking is normal; staring, gawking, ogling, drooling, checking out, lingering and staring into a strangers eyes with a faraway look and grin on his face, are all unacceptable.


The simple fact of the matter is that men, generally being more visual than women, do look at other women’s sexiest, most attractive parts. It’s just in our genetic make up. Some Scientists, Anthropologists and Dating Experts have said that it goes way back to the mating selection of cave men.

Men are Usually Visual Beings and Women are Usually Emotional Beings.

Ladies, as long as other women have beautiful parts, and showing them off, men are going to respond by looking and admiring their beauty. The problem arises when men get caught looking…….. Why are you staring at her? Do you think she is more attractive than me? Why don’t you cut out the sneaky stuff and just ask her for her number? You know you want to…… What is the poor guy to do?


The Top Nine Excuses Men Should Try

Here are some choice excuses a man who has ben caught looking can try. No guarantee of success, but try anyway, it’s better than saying or doing nothing.

1) I also look at beautiful cars, boats, and spectacular sunsets. Men are visually stimulated and admiration of a beautiful sight, is just a males normal behavior.

2) Just because I happened to look at another attractive woman, has absolutely no bearing on how much I care for you, or OUR relationship.

3) You felt I was staring or gawking like an adolescent. Just because you felt I was demonstrating immaturity, it’s not necessarily an indicator of unscrupulous behavior.

4) I confess. I have a hard time not noticing a nice rack, a great ass or long thin legs. I think you have all three, and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. You’re  such a special person, and I’m so happy we are together. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I’m just behaving like a normal guy.

5) I couldn’t believe that woman had such a low cut top, she looked so inappropriate and out of place. This is a classy restaurant, not a strip joint…….Or, you can try it’s partner in crime…..

6) Did you see how huge that woman’s butt was. I’m sorry, I couldn’t believe it, I know I must have been staring, but that butt was HUGE.

7) I’m sorry I was looking at that woman, but I just couldn’t believe what a bad dresser she was. Her top was frayed. I saw sweat marks under her armpits, the pants were too short and very baggy. I’m so thankful you are such a great dresser. I’m always so proud how great you look. I’m always expecting the paparazzi to show up for People Magazine or the Enquirer and snap pictures of you.

8) Be funny. Sorry I was staring, but did you HEAR what she did when she bent over to pour the wine? She FARTED!!  Really, I heard it. I couldn’t believe it. I kept watching her to see if anyone else had heard her or smelled it. I was afraid to tell you because either you wouldn’t have believed me, or you would have been laughing hysterically and cause a scene.

9) Honey, I know I upset you by looking at other women. I will try to only glance in the future and discuss it all with you. But just because I look, it doesn’t mean that I would ever touch.


Ladies have you ever caught your guy being too obvious checking out boobs or butts. Tell me how you handled it. This can become a great discussion topic for us to share. Guys, did you ever get caught and try to weasel out of it. Use any of my excuses? This was fun for me to write about. Leave some comments below.

I love to write and LOVE to write for you.




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7 thoughts on “Why He Notices Other Women On Your Date.

  1. Read 3 posts by you till now and every blog post is so damn insightful. I’m glad i visited your blog.Its a pleasure reading what you think and write.

    Looking for a lot more posts in the future 🙂
    Cheers 🙂


    • Hi Akriti,
      Sorry for not getting back to you after your lovely complimentary messages. I was arrested on some trumped up drug charges and threw in the big house with other hardened criminals,..Wow! that sounds so believable, I just may start writing fiction also. No, I just was busy with other deadlines and “stuff” so I truly am sorry. Enjoy reading my blogs and please keep in touch.


  2. I think both men and women notice attractive people, like you said, looking is normal, leering is not. I think it’s unrealistic that a guy I am seeing isn’t even going to notice that hot 22 year old in the bikini when we go to the beach, but I don’t think he should expect I’m blind to the gorgeous shirtless surfer guy walking by either. Nothing wrong with looking, just try and keep it discreet.


    • Hi,
      The examples you used about you and your boyfriend just glancing, not leering, at a beautiful body at the beach is normal. Pure common sense, but as someone older and wiser that I once said. “Common Sense is not very common.”


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