Am I Ready for a Change?..A Sex Change?

No silly. Not a sex change, unless you REALLY hate yourself and OH, never mind, that’s a problem I’m not qualified to help you with. You need Dr. Phil or some other major TV Shrink that can make you reveal your reasons in one hour, less commercial’s. I’m talking about why you don’t like yourself enough and what you can, and SHOULD do about it. Some may call it insecurity, or lack of ego or perhaps you unfairly compare yourself with the way certain celebrities look. But minor changes, even quite a few of them, are easy to accomplish as long as you have the desire and the stick-to-itiveness to re-make yourself.

Discover the REAL You by Changing the OLD YOU


Most of us are creatures of habit. We have routines, patterns and live a life of predictability. We usually wake up the same time, prefer to eat the same things, eating those meals at the same time, in the same place, with the same dishes and utensils, watching the same TV shows, dress pretty much the same way, live in the same home, area, town, or state while associating with the same people, without ever thinking about changing any of it. We also usually drive to work in an old car, checking the same old watch so we won’t be late, working in the same job surrounded by the same people all the while truly admiring other people who “do” or “change” things. How about, starting tomorrow, you begin to start to change things. No, not a lot, not all at once, but a little at a time. Try to change at least one thing each and every day. Wake up a few minutes earlier.. lie down on the floor flat on your back and stretch for a few minutes, (you’ll feel taller, be able to stand straighter, and be much more limber). OMG that person I just recognized in the mirror is not bent over like before. Change the cereal that you’ve have had since childhood, (I bought a big, closable, plastic, wide mouth container, and I blend my own, (I add Cheerios to Cornflakes and a dab of a sweet cereal for a little pick-me-up-healthy-breakfast-treat). Visit the library or get on the Internet and research things that have always intrigued you, but forgot to follow up. Investigate new places to travel to on your vacation. What other interests can you discover? Switch things up just for the curiosity of it all. You drink Coke-Cola? Try the new Pepsi, who knows, you even may like it better? Start a love affair with yourself and your body. Begin walking every day. A little at  first, but soon you’ll briskly be walking miles, losing weight, being in better shape, and knowing a lot more about what’s going on in your neighborhood.

How about a tad more Wild and Crazy?


Ask a person you always admired to lunch, take flying lessons, go whitewater rafting with one of your new friends, (I loved it!). Any hot air balloon rides nearby?(Loved that too). Check your local paper for upcoming club meetings, then try one, you may even like it well enough to become a member. You certainly will meet new people, with at least the club as something in common. Re-paint one wall in your house (even if it’s Purple, my favorite color). Cancel those magazines you have been re-subscribing to every year and never get around to reading. I get The Week, it has replaced many of my old magazines because it is so concise and non-political, (plus saving me hundreds of dollars a year). Call or visit an old family member or friend that you haven’t seen for a while, you’ll feel much better and make them happier too. I do the Jumble in the morning and watch Jeopardy at night. I know it expands my mind and may just fight off Alzheimer’s.

Become Funnier


How you ask? Easy, I reply. Learn a few jokes you really like and would love to tell others, (the Internet is full of them), Now here’s the clue…you practice in a mirror until you own them. The more you practice the more professional you’ll appear. Interestingly, the more you practice, the more it will be embedded in your new Comedy brain file, so when the subject matter comes up any time in the future, you will be ready to jump in with your well rehearsed joke(s). When you tell it, you own it, simply a matter of automatically connecting that brain synapse.

And finally, turn into an Entrepreneur…What product or service is needed? Write your own business plan, then protect it, (the “how to ” is conveniently free and online).  Simple at first, one sentence or paragraph will do, then expand it, refine it, confer with trusted friends, network with experts, and perhaps you can turn it into a real successful business. You’ll never know until you make the effort and simply try it.

Lots of things to digest here, but if you truly wish to become a new, different and better  YOU, it can be done. I’ll bet you’ll fall in love with the NEW you.

Send me your comments. I love to write, I love to write for you and really LOVE to hear from you.


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2 thoughts on “Am I Ready for a Change?..A Sex Change?

  1. You are absolutely right Marty!
    The old cliché “You only live once” is true, but so many still prefer to just exist through this life instead of living. There is so much in life to do and I like how you encourage us all to begin with little changes. When a person steps out of their little box that they’ve grown so comfortable living in, and tries something new, they just may discover another avenue in life that will give them new meaning.
    I enjoyed reading this.


  2. Thanks Lisa, for your insightful comments. As a matter of fact, another follower wrote last night that she, based on my reminder in the blog, called an old time friend/acquaintance and they were so happy to re-connect. Many people are thrilled to welcome their new “me”. Keep those comments coming. You inspire me.


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